Claire Regnard
Designer of laser cut metal public sculpture.

'Juta-Street trees'

Free standing laser cut metal tree sculptures installed on pedestrian walk ways of 5 blocks on Juta Street in Braamfontein, Jhb.
Designed & installed 2006 - 2007

They stand between 2.5 and 3 meters tall.
Some have colourful internal moving parts, others decorative coloured details and some consist purely of cut-out patterning.
All the patterning allow for beautiful shadow play any time of day or night...
The trees that have central moving parts, require passersby to physically interact with them.


Sculptural structure.
Pieter Roos park, corner Queen Street and Empire road.
Installed June 2008.

The area that was allocated to me is a performance platform.
It borders the children's play area in the park.
My brief required me to design a piece that would partially shade the platform, as well as being playful and something that children could relate too.

Growing from the centre of the platform was an old tree trunk and I was asked to incorporated this into my sculpture.
I used the tree trunk as my centre, and created 3 identical structures which project out from that centre point.
Each structure composes 4 structural pieces.

From the centre grows a sturdy upright stem, which includes a seat at its base.
Suspended between the base and an outer structural 2 part column, is a decorative leaf which provides stippled shading for the platform.

All parts pf the structure are decorated with either one or a combination of cutout details including; aloe flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and ants, which together allow for beautiful shadow play on the platform below.

'seed, fruit, vagina'
Totem sculpture, Soweto, Baragwaneth taxi rank
Installed November 2008

'Greek olive trees'
Island off the South of Greece
Commissioned & sent, February 2010